Soul Fire Designs

Soul Fire Designs is the product of a passion to want to make something beautiful. The process is called "Litchenberg Burning" or wood fracking. It uses high voltage electricity to burn the patterns in the wood.

Custom orders and fundraiser pieces are available.

Each piece takes a fair amount of time, preparation, and thought into each one. Loya need to be able to see or feel what each piece will end up being before starting to paint. Some of the most frustrating pieces, turn out to be the most beautifully dramatic. There is always something surprisingly unique. There is a new life to be found in the wood and energy no matter what is done with it. 

For our energy workers and healers, the chakra boards are an absolute delight.  The energy of each board is always different, and adding crystals to the boards always amps up the vibration and healing power it holds within.  Combine these with your favorite crystals and enjoy a truly unique energy healing. 

Items are available for wholesale. 

PAINT NIGHTS are available, the size of boards are 12"x 12" Blossom Board and 12" x 24" Chakra Boards 

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12" x 12"
12" x 24"
12" x 12"