Soul Mate or Soul Tie

October 4, 2019



There really is a difference, and many think that as soon as we have a soul type connection, it is meant to be as a soul mate, life mate, destiny, or part of the divine plan. This is not always true. 


A soul tie can also be as small as pulling a shirt out of your closet, that you lent to a friend, and you remember the time that they got it, or the event when they wore it.  A soul tie can be associated to a smell. The smell of a grandparents home, your mothers perfume, anything that takes you back as a memory to a person, place or event. It alters your energy, it can even take you back to the past and hold you there. 

Soul Tie's can also damage us and our lives and bring up energies that can be negative. A damaging soul tie will have learned how to bend your will to theirs, and you are left with a less than understandable want or desire to be with an unhealthy person in your life.  It will take up lots of time and energy in your mind and in your day. The actions are like being held on a yo-yo. Narcissism and Gas Lighters are able to make these ties to their victims.

It's an energy that distorts the mind set, and unbalances the emotional ranges. When you encounter and identify a negative soul tie, do what you can to rid yourself of it. That might mean to make a new positive memory using an item, or even replacing it all together. This is not always easy, if we are talking about a connection being a person, like a family member, remind yourself that they are only themselves. 


A soul mate comes into your life and you start to question things. A soul mate is not always the deep romantic love but the one who helps you, love you. It is a true love, a love that finds you in all the places you hid, and wants to know your pain, wants to see you love and laugh. The one that you can just be with and be nothing else but yourself. It is not always easy to be with the soul mate, as in their attempt to get to know you, the things that block you from life, will pop up. Old defense mechanisms come out that are no longer needed. It is the walls and boundaries that we deemed necessary to protect ourselves will no longer be needed and will have to be dismantled. A Soul Mate will break you enough to fix you. 


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