Spiritual Awakening

October 17, 2018

To often it is thought that the spiritual awakening or the 5-D Ascension is one dramatic moment that is so profound it is life changing.  The truth is, it is many moments of clarity and profound information, and it is at times big realizations, and others small. The effect of those moments that assist in the ascension; is the action & direction that you take after those moments of clarity and sight. 


I am very open to messages and knowledge and the more I do, the more I get. I want to add before we go on that; I feel things on many levels - I even can feel, know, see the meaning of comments and words in its deepest depths, I can feel, know and see the spirit of the action or the being of the words - so even as these words are written and read, please know that there is more than one definition to every statement. It is human nature to take the information and relate strictly within the understanding of personal perception of the definition of what is said.  For example - A part of a girls group statement is to be one of the "Fairest in the land" and one mom took that statement to mean beauty. To expel and show physical beauty, when the context of the statement is " to be fair to all, as in show balance between others and actions" Because the definition of that statement was only perceived in one way, the truth of the meaning and the direction of the group was lost; and therefore a stigma was created. I believe I see most things in a very pure form, I get to experience it in it's complete state.

The more my gifts grow and develop, the stronger the reality of love and life comes into my being. It is not just my creator that is the higher self that I meditate to connect with. IT IS myself.


My greatest spiritual awakening for myself was when I let myself 'BE" myself, and and then I BECAME myself. What does that mean? It means I AM THAT I AM. Period. And that is all that I AM. A moment where you are everything - and nothing at the same time. You are one with all that is, and still separate from it as an observer. 


Not long ago I was struggling with the pressure of being wrongly accused of my actions and I felt I needed to defend myself. What was being brought up was the truth, but just for my concept, it was that the truth that was presented in a manor that was untrue in regards to the desired delivery to inflict a perception of wrong doing. (see blog called The facts about Truth) 

So in my 3-D life, my ex gets mad at me for what he thinks I should be doing; and turns what I do- do, into a statement of my doing wrong in one singular point, when he does not see the whole scenario, or accounts his actions that dictated my reaction. 


In the 5-D dimension, it's my judgement day! It was no different than the evil one counting all of my wrong doings and presenting them in a manor that I deserved damnation.  And I had to defend myself. Than I saw, I am only human. With that alone, I was forgiven, that being human was the experience, not the trial. I started to say "I have done all that I have done, all that is true." Those words liberated me. They freed me. I was able to see that ***I AM*** THE EXPERIENCE - Not my life - but me, myself, as I AM. To feel myself in the form of which I was created, to be able to BE as I was created.

I work with people and I take them to what I call the "Just BE" space, as it is a place of being, that is so alive that you can even feel the grass interacting with itself, the warmth of the sun and feel how the sun feels. Not feel the product of what the sun does, but to feel as the sun itself feels. To be able to hear the conversation that the wind is having, to connect and be a part of all that is pure. To feel the essence of what life is. This place is so personal to just you and it IS the source of creation. It is love in the purest most alive form.  How do you get here? Clear away and heal all of the things that keep you from being you, heal the brokenness that has caused bitterness and pain, and anxiety and learn to let it go.  let things just be as they are, and not push your way into it. or out of it. Let the rhythm of that vibration carry you along.  ***


The tricky part about awakening and being held responsible on my judgement day; is that once we know better, once we are consciously aware of our actions and feelings and why do the things we do; and knowing there is another, we are held to that standard. IF we do not change, then there is more contempt in that, than the wrong we had done in the perceptions of self preservation. The EGO needs to change for the higher soul and spiritual self to live and dwell and make a home with in you. 


*** Of course this is always a null and void concept when it comes to abuse - if you are being abused, seek help, seek shelter, and seek safety.









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