Overweight Child

July 10, 2018

My youngest daughter is very over weight. I know this, I had seen the pounds pack on her and in my heart I knew, there was something wrong. You can call it mothers intuition if you want. But I had known there was something wrong with her at the age of 4 months old. At that time in her life, she had 4 different infections, plus acid re-flux syndrome and a herniated belly button.  They had tested her for milk allergens as she was always sick. 

She was born 6 weeks early, and came very fast at 5lbs 6oz. At 4 days old she was diagnosed with her first - of many - bladder infections & Jaundice.  She had to have needles in her little thigh that was no thicker than my thumb; to administered the antibiotics as it was that bad.  It always seemed that it took well over an hour to feed her as she would stop eating and just cry in pain and she couldn't sleep on her back, as the acid reflux would wake her with the burning.  We had struggled threw so many bough's of thrush, bladder infections, throat infections, yeast infections, ear infections, fevers, diarrhea, and just not an easy to sooth baby. I had suspected a metabolic disease, with all the blood test she had almost monthly, I figured it would have been caught, as at 4 months old, my Dr did a large round of blood work on her. Exactly what all, I am unsure anymore. 

Literally the month she turned one, she was diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome. That is where the body stops the blood flow to the didgits if the child gets cold, is in an emotional situation or stressed. When the blood starts to return to the areas of the body, it burns like frost bite, even when it's +25 out. I found that out as I had signed her up for swimming lessons, and with in 10 min of being in the pool, she had red and white blotches up her arms and legs and was screaming and shaking. 

Since she was premi it was no surprise that she was smaller for age. She was the tiniest little thing even at 5 years old.  She was a bit behind her peers as well. I was told that too was to be expected for a little while as well as she was premi. 

My pregnancy with her was great, easiest pregnancy ever.  I was able to work my oilfield job into my 7th month. I drove semi in the oil patch and winter was our busy & very demanding season, and the fact that I could still do the 12 & 14 hour days made me think I was a rock star.  I was also a single parent at the time, to a 1 year old, and a troubled teenager. I had stress in my life, beyond the hours I worked. My dad died, my teenager got into big trouble at the same time, my ex- was an active addict. I had a lot going on. The stress in life didn't stop, actually life over the next 5 years got much worse.

Back to my little girl. Her first few years had a lot of stressers in it. It was not placed on her - but it was in her surroundings. She had bad anxiety issues that started at the age of 4 where she would throw up all night long, until she was throwing up bile, and finally start to sleep around 5 am. She bad bed wetting problems and a few other bursts that were not common. She did not have any real behavior issues to speak of until she was in grade 4. She had problems learning to read in grade 1, and concentrating in school.  So we were referred to a counselor - twice for her issues.  Always told, keep her stress and emotional levels down. And twice it helped but not enough to counter act what was seen as the problem.  She told me once "Mom I know I forget things and I can't get my brain to work like I want it to."  I thought that she was going to be labelled with Attention Deficit. 

Then, my little under average weight girl, started to gain weight very quickly. So back to the Dr & he checked her for diabetes and her thyroid, and for allergens again. All seemed to come back perfectly fine. I cut out some of the processed foods that I knew affected her the most, but it didn't change her overall.  She more than doubled her weight in less than 2 years. 

I would talk to others about the things I noticed and her constant complaints of being sick and headaches, and leg muscle aches, and lack of strength and her depression that was coming on full force at the age of 10.

As time went on, her weight became my source of shame. Not only from myself, but others as well. If I made a comment about her health, it was automatically assumed all I fed her was crap processed foods. This child didn't seem to have a full line. I decided if I fixed my own weight issues first, then I can automatically help fix hers.  I was so tired of hearing " She will only eat what you buy"  "If you don't stop her from eating it will only get worse."   "Don't go looking for something that isn't there."   "You can't expect her to be healthy if you don't do make her eat better and exercise more."  She ate healthy, she was a picky eater, only eating foods that were milder in taste. And absolutely did not like anything carbonated. I felt that was due to the acid reflex. 

The amount of external shame I received from friends and family was not easy to deal with, so I quit talking. IT didn't matter if I told them she ate half a head of cauliflower with her steak at supper, i was told that's too much or "well. what about her lunch" It didn't matter that she could eat 3 apples and 2 long English cucumbers with some ranch dip. I would be then criticized for the dip. 


I had met a lady who was a Naturopath practitioner a while ago, so I decided I needed to take my daughter to her.

I sat in her office in tears, she had confirmed what I thought. My daughter had internal medical issues. IT is not just don't eat gluten or dairy. This is her being extremely low on Vit. B12, and her body not producing K12.  Her body was not digesting her food and since it could not do that, it stored it. She has lots of inflammation not only from the food, but because she has Adrenal Fatigue.  At this point, this is what we are working at getting under hand. Her body can no longer produce adrenaline needed for fight or flight or even to get excited to go play. When we look back at her full history of anxiety and stress issues, and now see some things were in the stress category, that were dismissed before. Her Dr and counselors telling me to help reduce her stress all these years, were not just a simple, go talk to someone remedy. It was her nervous system that was not able to operate properly to begin with. She was born with this. 

After her appointment, she said "Mom, I could almost cry." I said "But those are good tears right honey?" She said "Yes, because I was sick, and I didn't know I was sick, and now I will know what it's like not to be sick."  She has fully embraced not eating what she shouldn't and taking her vitamins without hesitation. I could not be prouder of my little girl. 

It hasn't even been a whole week since she started the supplements, and I can see a changes in her. I am so excited to see how she will be in 2 more months. 










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