Law of Attraction

May 23, 2018

There is thousands and thousands of pieces of literature on the subject of law of attraction, and manifesting, and getting what you want cuz you deserve it, etc etc.  The one thing that is seldom talked about with the instructions of law of attraction is the law of cause and effect. These two actually coincide with each other. 

     I had saw an instance where one person was working on manifesting extra on an insurance claim. They received it, they were happy it worked, all that time and energy worked. This is the effect, what was the cause?  The cause was someone who is with the same insurance company, also needed a claim filled, but was denied. One may say, well there's rules and stipulations and guild lines so maybe they didn't fit it. They fit it, but were denied on a loop hole.  That claim was needed for the second person to be able to support their family.  The second person went on the concept that this is what insurance is for, and it was desperately needed.  So where did the money from their claim go? 

When I was first learning about the metaphysical world, I would hear over and over how there is enough money in the world for everyone to have $2 million dollars each.  Great. BUT lets break this down, If all the Walmart in the world only had $2 million dollars, they would not have as many Walmart's, and the products inside, would not be the same.  McDonald's, A&W's even our hospitals and Dr's offices, would not be any where near the level of service that we get today. This is BALANCE!! Believe it or not, this is balance. Certain things need to have more, to supply and offer more. IT just makes sense.  IF you want your 2 million, you have to give an exchange for it. 

      Also within each of those areas' there is still only a certain amount to go around. Let's look at that insurance company again, that insurance company has only so much money in their account and they can not go beyond that. They, just like us in our households, have to make do with what they have. It is not that the money you paid into it, is in a separate account with your name on it. Even if it was, it would not be any where near what your allotted pay out would have been, it would be lots less.  The person with the second claim, did not receive their dues, but the first person who manifested it, did. 

When you receive something that is already into existence, you are taking it from someone else. The question is how are you taking it. Is it traded equally for the best and highest good of all involved? When you manifested for yourself, did you include the other side of receiving from the one giving? How many people were honestly involved in that scenario? Is this an equal and willing transaction from all sides? 

      Even to go to a hospital and you manifest the best Dr, the best room, the time of day for surgery, you get all your wants delivered. What about the surgeon that was already in the operating room for 10 hours, and yours is the "just one more" case? Regardless of how grateful you are, what about the other side of what you are receiving?  There is a fine line, and a lot of compromise that needs to take place to ENSURE that what you are manifesting is the highest good for all. Not "let the strongest energy win".  I personally get tired listening to people who just want to manifest more money into their lives with out understanding it starts with what they put out as an exchange of self. 

Manifest peace in to your life, manifest love, manifest security and family, these things do not have a limited supply, nor will they take from another with out giving back 2x as much. 

There are 12 universal laws, and they are here for a reason. So that when we follow them ALL, as one, we can then transform ourselves into the best harmonious selves that we can be. 

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