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November 10, 2017

This is a bit of a rant as it amazes me how many people I encounter that don't really want to change themselves, but want things to change.  

I am seeing the predominate attitude of - I'm going to continue to do bad, but want to find a way to make it OK, so that I do not have to change inside of me as the belief is - let some outside force fix the damage I am doing, because I will not stop doing the damage. 

IT is seriously like some are looking to make the bad actions that they do - turn good.  Let me drink till I am puking, but then take meds to make me feel better so I can drink some more. Then demand the Dr fix my liver and save me from the stroke I had. BUT I am going to continue to drink. Doing bad creates bad reactions, but many want the positive to come from the outside to make it positive.  

A negative based energy, is a negative based energy. Period. Until you reject what you are consciously putting into your system, that is harming you, it will not be good. 

Or let me take meds for a food allergy I have so I can continue to do what I want, then I will complain when I am still sick. 

The burglar that gets beat up for breaking into someone's house is now the victim and not the predator. 

A spouse who says if may partner changes I will be happy. If my partner quits doing this and that, I will be happy. In such a case, the partner needs to change from the inside out to change the action, an action that the unhappy spouse is not willing to do.  I have heard so many times couples fighting, and what are they for? But to change the other one to make themselves happy. 

Someone who is driving recklessly and gets into an accident and claims its because of the weather. 

Some may think this is rude or wrong of me, but I will actually turn clients away that are not willing to put in the effort and willing to back up what they say they want. A woman who wants freed from the hold that the negative energies have on her, but she is not willing to change what she is doing that invites the negative into her own being. I can help, but it's like being ask to empty a bucket full of sludge, give the bucket back all nice and clean, then the person fills it full of sludge again and says, here you helped me last time, do it again. 

There is so much pressure on the modern medical system to fix us when we continually do bad to ourselves. The person who knows they can not eat certain foods wont stop eating them, then complains they need help to feel better. There is a huge lack of connection to responsibility and self care here. As in a person who is lactose intolerant, becomes dependent upon lactate meds to help them feel better while still doing the very thing that makes them sick. This does not make sense to me. Or they constantly keep trying to find alternatives that are not satisfying so they can keep doing what they want - even tho it is harmful! This does not make sense. Put your hand on a burner, heal it, then do it again, 

Self help starts with responsibility, carries forward to conscious awareness of self, feelings and actions and mindset change.

Yes Mind set CHANGE, as you start to help yourself, and look at only you, not the bottle that made your liver give out, or the bread that made you double over in pain for 2 days. But Look at you. It is not the bottles fault your sick, it is yours for drinking it. It's not the bread that wrecked you, it's you who ate it knowing what was gonna happen. 

Help yourself from the inside out because when change needs to happen, that is where it starts. 






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