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June 7, 2017

I honestly do not know if I want to talk about the inner child needing to be heard, as they are more then a toy to be pulled out and played with at our leisure, that if they are not heard, they can and will inflict some serious discomfort within you. Such as aches, pains, ringing in the ears, bloating, gas etc. Any one with a child at home, knows they like to talk. They have hurts and things to show us.

I could talk about how we tend to try and hide away that child once we grow up to protect them when in essence they are here to protect us. They have full access to our gifts, the belief, the desire, the want, the doing and knowing magic is real. How they know more then we remember, and after all, it is our own being. I have questioned, is our soul, our subconscious, our inner child? We stuff the idea of an inner child deep down as if it never existed, as if our past never existed.  I think at times the child me is stronger then I am now, as if those things happened to me now, I'm not sure how I would cope. 

I also feel the need to discuss spiritual discernment and the unreserved stigma that if we have this gift, or if there is a mention of it in a reading - that the reader, is automatically NOT of love and light. Well guess what, we all ARE created of love and light, even those damn little demons running around creating evil that no one seems to want to acknowledge. Then those people  will say what ever happens to them is in their birth plan, so there for it was supposed to happen. There is plans for my life, from my creator, but there is also another who has plans to stop me from doing as I should, which is help destroy the effects of evil that is inflicted upon us.

I will NEVER OWN the evil that happened to me. I did not sign up for it to happen, and I will not say that this was a lesson I needed to learn. When you decide it a "lesson" you are to learn, you invite the negative in to do as much damage as possible before you get to pick yourself up and move on again. This is owning the crap and garbage that another free will person has inflicted on me. That is not happening. My dad did not "love me so much he signed on to hurt me" bullshit. Satin loves pain so much he was able to entice someone to do his bidding. Satin was able to find someone to feed from, and he did. THAT is why there is so much pain and evil. This is Satin's domain. I have spiritual discernment and I also did not proceed forward in my life as who I am because of other peoples opinion of what I could do or where I stand. I stand strongly in my belief in Jesus and God - because I have discernment.  I can see threw the deception and expose the truth. And for those who also have this ability and are scared to use it, or do not know how to handle it. I will help you as there is nothing better then bringing them to the light to be exposed and disposed!! 

I could talk about God, but even in calling my creator that, minimizes who HE really is.  To call creator, God is almost too small of label as that only fits Him into the conception of what is relayed in a book or teachings. He is bigger then the stigma of God, HE is more then we can conceive. I also believe that if you can not accept God as your creator, with His idealism's of life, how can you feel Him as anything more. Also he is not the Universe, the Universe is a mass of immense energy,  He is of spirit, he is of a physical body and energy, he is all that has been, and all that there is to be -  and that is a lot more then just an energy. 

I could talk about free will, who has control of it and who does not. Life becomes so automatic that so much of what we do is not even a thought. We are desensitized to what harms us, and encourages what harms others. I listened to a talk earlier and the question was - Would you rather jump out of an airplane or come within 3 feet of a bear? To listen to the truth that we are taught to be scared of what nature is - a bear, a bug, storms, each other - as opposed to saying that what is man made is better and safer, guns, armies, toxic killers for the bugs.  In the talk - the actual comment that came out was - We are not taught to fear what costs money, but we are taught to fear nature. Granted that both activities can kill you, do the home work - more people die from plane jumps then from wild life. This is a sense of being trained. How many area's of your life have you been trained in, area's of "don't go there, you don't know what happens" "don't go there, because a third party said do not like that".  I used to train individuals who were new on staff and I would say the same thing when I got them alone. We have lots of people here, just stay open minded and form your own opinions of the way it is. When we are in a place where others have a strong influence, we can be co-hursted to the dominated mind set. 

I have found the struggles with not doing what you want to do, and not doing what you do want to do. Then when we give in to the force that holds drives this, and the fight reverses to another angle of shame, or disappointment,  disrespectful ways or worse. 

Today is a day of many thoughts. Many projections on life, and the work of stabilization, or just keeping a float the storms 

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