Let life have meaning

May 18, 2017


I was sitting in a coffee shop drinking my coffee thinking about a particular person when I noticed the song on the radio. The song did relay to my thoughts. Of course being who I am, I would say this was a direct sign for me. At that moment, I also realized that, the coincidence of the song at that time, would only mean something IF I LET IT MEAN something. I could have easily never placed the two together, the outside influence to the internal thought to claim validity. 
Therefore the scenario would not have impacted me at all. Because I did take it as a sign, I was able to have the freeing sense of validation in the way I thought. If I did not let the song relate to my thoughts, I still would have the conflicting thoughts on my direction. 
The beautiful wonder of a child is that everything to them, means something heart felt. My daughter did a speech for Principal of the day, was picked as a finalist, it meant so much to her in many ways. 1) that she was worthy 2) She was excelling at what she practiced 3) her hard work showed 4) that I was there to watch her present the final speech. In that moment I could encourage, or discourage her and what this meant to her. To be honest, her #1 was that I be there to watch her. If I was not there, the other points would have less value to her.
The simple willingness to LET LIFE MEAN SOMETHING, helps instill a positive way of being, more then just a thought or a practice, it impales happiness. It is letting yourself have attachments that are dear to you, letting yourself feel for something in your life. This too is a choice, as in my moment at the coffee shop, I could let it mean I was given a sign, I could let it mean that my heart & mind could rest, I could let it mean that there was something to look forward to. Or I could let it mean nothing, and not find anything positive to relate to, I could have let the confusion in my mind continue, I could have let the frustration in my body continue. 

Lets take this another direction. A person who is down and out and suicidal. A therapist would try to get them to find attachment in something outside of them, that attachment is to support meaning. To help the person find meaning, something worth fighting for. To find meaning is to find worth.

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When one grows more and more,

you grow into something you were not

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