Worst Message Ever

May 16, 2017

In my opinion the worst message I ever got when asking for help with direction in life was "What do you want?"  To receive that question as a message when asking for guidance is like lighting fire works that won't explode but just sizzle in a circle on the ground. It is annoying, frustrating, aggravating, and a person feels like the experience is senseless and a waste of time to even have explored that avenue. It just adds to the mental frustration and agony. 

I gave that same question as a message, and I felt so bad as I know how it feels. And anyone who knows me, knows I do not settle for the easy answer, I push for more. This is the first time I ever had given that as a message to a person & I was not happy with settling on just that. 

As I searched for a greater meaning in this simple yet aggravating comment, I had realized that in this time frame is were we get to take control of our own lives to make us happy. In a way it is a cross road with so much impact, that the question "What do you want" in no way merits the weight on the decision to make.  I had seen where the concept is the person is tired of fighting, tired of trying to figure it out, and says "Just show me the path and I will take it, and make it work, and I will do what you want me to do." I have utter those words in frustration on this path multiple times, trying to make them show me what to do.

In addition to the What do you want also comes, but you need to want to do it. The frustration is - "who cares, just tell me what to do. I do not care about the in between, just show me the end result to work for. "

There is a lack control of ourselves & our lives in this type of scenario, as well we are offering to surrender our will . We are asking for the decision to be made for us. In the moments that we are encouraged to make the decision that will make, this elevates the pressure put on ourselves to make a life decision.

When I was asking for direction, it was do I stay full time in my office or do I get a full time job. At the time, neither avenue was showing me any direction or growth. I had to make this decision myself and be honest about what I wanted. I knew what I did not want to return to, I had a feeling for the kind of life that I wanted to live, and that I would be happy doing it. That is where I had made my decision, and because I made the decision of what I wanted, a decision that would not cause me more strife, it will be the area that I will receive the assistance in. 

Our guides, angels and God want us to be willing choose what makes us happy, to want to be happy, and know how to identify and take control of our own happiness!! And they leave that choice up to us. It's called Free Will.

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