Say Good Bye to it all.

May 16, 2017

A colleague made a comment that intrigued me.  She said "We will have to say good bye to everyone and every thing we have ever known in our life. We have to say good bye to friends, family, pets, this building, that picture." This struck me as quite interesting as just the other morning I was thinking how I have a hard time getting rid of my favorite clothes even, and it makes me sad when the articles get worn out and do not look good anymore, but I still try to wear them and then that's just not a pretty picture as they do not make me feel good anymore.

The ability to learn to say good bye, is to identify when something in your life is no longer needed, or useful or has a purpose or meaning. There of course is things that will stand the test of time, items that are meaningful, cherished and endearing that you love.

There are many articles telling us how to identify when you should let a person go from your life, to identify toxic people, or a bad work environment. The need to understand that these are personal limits to each individual and needs to be respected as such. 

The ability to learn to say goodbye, is equal to being able to let go of the way that person or item made you feel. The actual release is of the physical reminder to the emotional being. To let go when what once felt good, and no longer has the ability to have that impact. We are supposed to keep chasing happiness, take what we were given, appreciate and honor it, and search for more that gives the same or more elaborated feeling. I see how this also helps assist in growing, and raising our vibrations as we learn to chase after happiness.

There is a gain of feelings that add up over time and becomes a collection of just that, the negative effects that collect through out our lives, becomes a big grey cloud pushing you down, collecting the happiness is different in the sense of riding on top of a white cloud going up. Use the search for happiness as a stepping stones of excitement.

In this concept, the idea of saying good bye to all we know, is not as hard to do, when we appreciate and honor it before the joy from it starts to fade. 


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