Choices is control

April 28, 2017

I was discussing a personal scenario & as true to my nature I ask A LOT of why questions. I was met with an equal amount of why not's? One point the comment "Why let someone/something have that much power over you" My reply was, "It's not about their power, it's about mine." I have been thinking of that and maybe finally realized that Yes, this is about my power. It's my power to make choices for me, that show my control over me and my life. I have control over myself even tho at times I got frustrated and actually was willing to relinquish a certain amount of power as a way of avoidance. 
Now I am an extremely stubborn person, and I still control if I play a loosing game or not. I still have control over what I want or don't want in my life.

The way that the question was directed at me was, why would you change the path you are on because of a certain scenario. I changed the path I was on already to fit that scenario, that scenario no longer fits my life. So to me it makes perfect sense to make another change.  It's a chance to show myself the power I have over my life. 

I am not one of these people that thrive on adversary, I have been fighting for my life, all my life, and I am tired of fighting. To me it is not a reward, but another battle. The battles only continue if we let it, if we participate in it, if we announce the fact that we are there. I have gotten to the point where I just let if float by, I take no heed, no interest in the passing of it, I do not care. I no longer join what ever is the fleeting. This is when the fight has been fought out of me. I let life kick me around a bit.

How is that we can take control back in life when we have no control? I believe that it has to do with us controlling our participation level, and then dealing with what we feel as soon as we can. I know there has been times where a situation did not bother me until it was over, and I did not notice the level of impact it had on me at the time. I have seen where my levels of adversary relate to my level of ready to make piece with life. 



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