Suicide & Depression

April 25, 2017

Suicide & depression. Lets get brutally honest! There will be some who get frustrated as they read this. As they do not see how it is possible.


 How does a person get so low, and how do they get out.

1) Many are trapped in bad scenarios that there seems little to no way out, but where's there a WILL there is a way!

Realize that it can start with the consciousness of thoughts & actions that start to take you down. Everyone gets discouraged, everyone has been done wrong, everyone pains! No one can get away from it. Realize that many times all that is needed is to get the feelings and reasons out. TALK!!! Get to the bottom of why you are feeling the way you do. Many times it is due to abuse, trauma & life circumstances that we can not control. IT DOES AFFECT YOU EVERY DAY. Learn to face the pain and not hide it.

2) Understand that no one can do it for you, no one can get you out of your depression, no one can make you feel better but you. If you need medication, take it, but also understand that those meds do not take away what happened to make you feel the way you do, it only covers it up. You still need to take action to change. That will take work; it takes will to want to be better, and not want to hurt!

3) The beliefs you tell yourself need to change. "That the pain never goes away, that you can not change things, that you are not worth it", or what ever the shit is that you tell yourself. The truth is just the truth, the only one that puts meaning or attention to it is you. What you place on it as value is controlled by you. You are in control of you!

4) Letting the fear of the change keep you back, keeps you where you are. It keeps you in the pain. This is a choice of fear over freedom. Fighting the truth that everything in life is not a choice, limits your ability to make choices.

5) Learn what is controlled by your choices, and what is not. I fully understand, you did not choose for someone to hurt you, but you can choose how to react. You can learn to choose how it affects you. You can decide to heal or hide. You are in control of your actions and your thoughts, you are not HELPLESS, as long as you breath, you are HELPFUL. Accept it!

6) There can not be healing of pain, without the pain. It sucks, it hurts, it humbles a person, takes you to your knees. It leaves you raw and exposed. Once it is out, it's out. Literally, once you release the pain, the pain can go, the physical aliment of pain can leave you. If you choose for it to go. Holding onto the pain to hide it doesn't help you, it does not make it invisible, or make the actions not happen. It happened, it's there, face it or hide it. Heal it or keep it. Expose it or depress it. One way continues to hurt, the other releases it.

Make a choice.

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