The Brain vs New Age

March 31, 2017

My question is this. Why do people think that when we work within the power of the mind, our own minds inside our heads, that can do amazing powerful things that it means it is the "New Age" movement and wrong? There is such a strong scientific proof that the power of the mind and the body can do amazing things when linked together for a purpose! There is proof that what we think, we create, or you can use the word manifest here. That it is proven that we are made up of energy, that everything around us, especially things that were alive, is made of energy. An example is crystals. They are grown in nature, and they were made to hold the energies that they hold for a purpose. Just because humans learned how to use them does not make it bad. Everything on this earth is made to sustain us and itself. There has been evidence of such things long before I was born. The goal for many is to find themselves, find love, feel the wondrous world around us. When one starts to question what they were taught, they learn more. Questioning what we are shown, is to evolve. To learn beyond what we already know. Society went from big black & white TV's to smart phones. This is because someone questioned what they already knew, to know more.

I am NOT denying the New Age movement. In many ways I am apart of it. I am curious to learn about my internal power so to speak. It is proven in so many ways medically and scientifically that the mind and spirit exist simultaneously and the amazement that we encounter is breath taking if you choose to be conscious to it. The goal to find our inner peace. IT is there. Just because it is more known, wanted and accepted does not mean that the deep innate knowing of spirit was not always here. It just means that others with the impression of power had decided it was not to explored for their own intentions. To explore the power of the mind, and for it to help you, and not hurt another. As I have heard that when manifesting you need to be careful as make sure the avenue to which things come to you, in not infection of someone esle's loss. To say that there is XXX amount of dollars in the world that's enough for each of us to have our equal share, does not look at the whole picture of what is required for the purposes of what we have today. 



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