Heal if you want to heal.

March 10, 2017

We want to heal, we want to be better but we are not wanting to actually DO anything about it. Such as a woman who was scammed by someone in which they held affections for,  and believes that they can hold the thief accountable for their wrong doings. That the healing of the wound is desired, but not the break in connection that is required for the reassurance that she will protect herself. A person who is to be learning how to be independent that is always saying "I can't" and will not entertain the option of finding their own way, or ways to help themselves.  A person who was in an accident, has much pain, but does not want the actual relief as there is a purpose for the injury to stay. A young person, strong and confident, becomes mysteriously ill, and no longer trusts his own body. 

When we say we want to be healed, we need to be ready to heal, and honor what that means, then take the actions necessary to complete the healing cycle. If you are not willing to do this then you are setting yourself up for redirection back to your old path. The same hurt, the same drama, the same lack of growth. 

When you want to heal, you have to really want it. It takes work, feelings that you don't want and time. It doesn't have to be weeks and weeks unless you refuse to address the process. It will be some intense moments. The pain and aliment did not come to you with grace and ease, it does not sit within you with grace and ease, so how can we expect to feel it all & release it with a different energy in which it was created? You must feel it, in order to identify it, to heal it or recreate it. This process is easy as we access parts of the body, mind and soul and pull up the formation of energy together to release the vibration that  stays located within us. 

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When one grows more and more,

you grow into something you were not

                                                         by Loya Sales