Spiritual Discernment

January 3, 2017

As a healer and spiritual reader I feel that I am privileged to certain information that needs special attention. At times I find this information is not the most positive of all information to be relayed. I have seen things that would be seen as terrible, heart breaking, and discouraging. To see that a person has their heart set on a certain job, a trouble free pregnancy, or just a sign of hope, there is times that I see things that people, don't want to know. These messages are more then for a precautionary, it shows us a sense of control in the world where things can not be controlled. There is our higher power, our creator that is in control of our lives, but at the same time we have control within the grand scheme of things. My gifted friend, who is also an RN delivered a message for someone and she felt terrible as the content was a strong warning for something to come IF precautions were not taken. I had told her that she had given the message as an RN the only difference would have been the environment in which the message had been given. And that this is part of the territory. Now with that being said, I have been criticized myself that "ANY MESSAGE GIVEN OF NEGATIVITY IS NOT OF LOVE AND LIGHT" I am here to rebut that statement to describe the experience as best as I can. 

I know I have the gift of spiritual discernment, and such a message of letting someone know that their focus should not be on something that will cause them distress, is Not of the "dark forces." To say, this is what you are fighting against, and it's real, and it's best to not let it win.

I had to let a friend know that a job she was counting on was not coming to fruition, and that made her push forward to keep looking for employment. I had apologized as I felt bad for telling her that what she had so hoped for, was not going to happen. After the fact, she had thanked me, even tho in the moment she didn't want to hear what I had to say.  She thanked me as I held the course of tough love for her. I DO not want to let someone go with believing in a lie. That stands against what and who I am as a healer. 

I will also state that even as I have the gift of spiritual discernment, these examples come NO where near close to what that actually means. Spiritual Discernment is where I get to see the grey, dark evil spirits that encompass a persons being. But that is a completely different conversation. This does NOT mean I am not a child of God, or that my heart and intent doesn't lie with in my faith of love, it just means that I am blessed to see and know the difference between good and evil in the spiritual world. 

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