What you see is what you feel

January 26, 2016

I am noticing that there are many who are plaged with stress. It is a big struggle at times to see the bright side of things, to not let the plague of the uncertainty take us down. I had mentioned to someone today it is a matter of what you look for and what you feel. If all you want to see is bad then all you will see is bad, if you want good, you will see good. It all depends on what you are looking to find. Some examples to support my thought process are for example; we tend to all of a sudden be hit with a wave of bad feelings. One of the first things we do is look around us to see what we can blame this feeling on. Reality is that, we are looking for a reason to let its existants continue, we literally give this negative feeling a physcal energy to exist in. We give it life. We could be at work, feeling crappy, and look out the window to see it snowing, and then we grumble about the drive home being terrible. We could be in a parking lot and upon returning to our veichle see that someone parked too close making it a bit harder to get into your car, or out of your parking stall. It could be that we have been surpressing emotions after being triggered from past trauma, and it all comes to a blow when you go threw drive threw and you get a bagel instead of your muffin. In stating this, what tends to happen in human nature is then we take this experience and share it throughout our day. Ultimately reliving this moment and feeling every time we share the story. We think that we are over it as we talk, until we go threw the same drive threw, with the same worker, and we have a feeling that something is going to go wrong. Does this mean we implanted this scenario into our being?  What about the person that sits on their front step looking around the neighbourhood and noticing who did not mow the lawn, whose garbage can is still out, whose car is parked across the sidewalk. Ultimately these things have nothing to do with us. But we let it create a not so positive feeling within us or we tend to keep score with it. To use it at a later date to pass judgement. 

Lets try looking beyond that, instead next time, look at the leaves on the trees or shrubs, listen for a bird and the wind, how the sun shines on an item. Take notice of how nice a vehicle looks cleaned up. These are the things that we are to be focusing on. This is an example of a thought process to help us change what we look at and how we feel about it. 


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