January 20, 2016

This morning I was listening to a post on FB, and the comment - Don't we just wish that everything was in perfect balance with what we want so that we don't go threw stress. I thought, yeah that'd be great - then i realized but what we want changes day by day, hour by hour, so the universe is in constant motion trying to keep up with the - yay or nay or not now. So there is a constant reprogramming over lapping itself as you move. Freewill to deny an invitation; to go to an event where, the love of your life that you have been asking for, will be be. But you decline. So the universe needs to start all over, reprogramming events to make this happen for you. Freewill is such a huge state in meeting our destiny. It is not only just one persons freewill at play for you to manifest what you want. There is many in the mix. As it is said, we are all connected. Take the "dream job" for example. For this to be available to you, you need to follow the trail from it's creation to you.  A company had to acquire the need for the position and develop it, they nurtured and challenged it. There could easily have been many in this position before you, each one of those individuals needed to make decisions to move beyond what they were doing. For one job, there could be hundreds of people involved. The events that led to this opening, we hope have been positive ones where everyone sees benefit. When we land and get that perfect job, it's such a huge gratifying feeling and we don't see what someone else had to go threw before us, for it to be available to us, we only know the work that we had put in ourselves. 

Now lets take a quick look at manifesting, as I know many are practicing this, I do see where and how we can manifest things on our own. Like I am making this blog today. There is an action that must follow with the request. We want this perfect job to manifest to us, we need to do a bit on our part as well and look for it, learn how to notice the signs we are being given to follow what we ask for into frutation. 

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