Cellular Memory

September 7, 2016

It is a proven scientific fact that emotional issues will end up creating physical issues with in our bodies. There is also the factor of cellular memory. There is stories of amputees who can still ' feel' the missing limb. It is reported that cellular memory will be found 3 generations back from ourselves. I want to discuss trauma and cellular memory. I always say that in order to heal it, you have to feel it. This is not an easy process. I have worked on myself and a few friends to teach them this way of healing the root cause of a trigger in their lives. Triggers such as panic, not feeling loved and nurtured by parents, not feeling worthy. As it is quite amazing how such things actually have a physical reaction that corresponds to it. Panic can create shortness of breath, not feeling worthy creates anxiety, wanting to hide ones self causes over weight issues, and feet issues. Not being wanted can actually contribute to lack of success in a career. 

How do we change cellular memory? I have read an article where a therapist actually brings the cause to conscious attention, then engages in a physical, and mental focus re-programming of the cells.  In that instance it was generational memory that was reset. How do we reset the memory from a current life time? I have been able to help friends with this in a way that is a safe environment where they feel the feelings, and once the base is identified we include the healing energy, and the peace of release is felt. The absolute healing takes place in the mind, body and soul. The base or root of that trigger is cleared and will not resurface.








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