Free Will thoughts

March 20, 2016

We all have free will. We all know this as it is embedded in our minds, emotions and thoughts. Creator gave us free will over our lives, to do as we please.

Now for all of us who process our lives with the good and bad, positive and negative, God and the Devil; lets take one thing into consideration.  Everything in the spirit realm is connected to us in our human selves. To say that "The Devil" made me do, is a completely false assumption as the evil also gives us free will of our own actions.  It is possible to influenced by a negative force if and when your personnal energy or vibration is at that level. BUT it can not over take you on it's own unless you have invited it in. Such as continued negative thought and emotional processes, shaming of one self, bad intentions and actions towards others and your self.  You are influenced by the negative the same way you are influenced by the positive. Just because we do not intentionally, verbally ask to be effected by a negative source, does not mean it doesn't effect us.  A negative thought is enough to start to feed the negative vibration and it will grow from there if you do not take action against it. It feeds on negative, just as you can feed the positive light in your life. 

Also when we are internally fighting against this vibration, we need to take it into a physical conscious action. We need to stop the thought process, we need to change our feelings. It is our free will to change the vibration. To simply ask the angles for protection, does not interfer with your free will to think and feel the way you do. This is the circle of reaction, to help the angles or God you called upon, to help you.

We can not be protected against anothers free will, if we don't take our own actions in doing so.

To see the negative as the same realization as the postive, just on a lower opperating system, and deal and feel with it accordingly. To understand the same free will process is in both systems will give a better understanding as how to deal with us. When I am in a "I hate God" moment, my friends jump and say that's the devil trying to get you to turn your back. Well I had free will in that first thought that started me on my lack of understanding of free will. I was in a low spot in life because i was confused, but "I" fed that lower vibration, I helped it grow as I became upset with feeling like I did not like the answers I was provided. The devil did not make me think this way, I fed the negative to help me feel this way. 

IF we know we can do the same to spread the joy and positive in our lives and around us, and that is our main goal and focus we win!! 

I just wanted to write this to explain, the devil doenst MAKE us do anything, we still have free will, no matter the vibration. 

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