Dissolve Your Problems

March 1, 2016

It is said that you can not solve a problem from the energy level in which it was created.  Meaning, if the problem came from worry or fear, you need to step out of that same vibration in order to see the solution. An issue of not being able to make your mortgage payment will not be found, if you stay in the fear of loss. If you are able to say "OK I see that I am in need of $XXX.xx amount" then you need to start to look outside of this problem to find the solution. To keep looking at your bank statement will not help you find what you know is not there. Instead look at more hours to put in at work, look at a temporary second job, look at selling something no longer of use to you. This changes the focus from lack and want to action and projection. Only threw action are problems solved. 

You can not fix the problem of a broken leg by looking at the break in the leg. You identify the problem, then you look to see the options to fix the problem. There is also a form of resistance that may come from this as we dont always like the solution, at that moment we have taken a possible solution, and created it to be a problem. We pull it into the same vibration as the problem. There are times where instead of fighting it all to be what we want as a solution, we should accept the solution for what it is and make the space for it to work by not reacting to the undesired solution as a problem.  Let it be a solution, and let the solution grow into it's entirety. It may take time for it all to be shown. 

As a single mother already working a more then full time shift work job, I did not want to have to take a second job, but I did. Then I learned how to make that second job work for me, for what I needed. I went from driving truck to bartending on my days off, this allowed me cash on hand for incidences threwout the week plus a paycheck.

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you grow into something you were not

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