Fear this?

February 11, 2016

Loving is easy for some to do, to accept love for ones self is even harder. There often is deepened routed issues that have us turn away from it. Love is to often is the most desired, and first executed, thing in our life. 

Every thing is poised as an action. Feelings turn into an action. You feel fear of intimacy, you leave that relationship. You fear driving on a muddy road, you don't go there when it rains.  We are so scared of feeling - but yet we often opt to feel the fear, and not whats beyond it, that we truely desire to feel. 

Fear is a feeling, being scared is a feeling and take that feeling and place it into a physcial action. But yet we are scared to take love and make it a physical action. When asked what is love, we say its a feeling. 

If it is only a feeling, why is that so scary? I believe it is because it's not just a feeling. Its a way of life. It's change for the better, it can feel like we are opening up and would become vulnerable. It actual is meant to be just the opposite. It is to be our shield, our guard. 

How many times have we heard, your not scared of failing your scared of being successful. If we are successful then there is a higher standard that we must live up to. That standard may be too high for us at this point. Let us not forget, it is only a standard that we create ourselves. It will not be too much, as it will only be what we make it.  So to take this and turn back into what we want to feel in life. Love, it's never too much, it can make so much better, easier to handle, lift us higher then we are now. Can we imagine a life with out so many bumps and bruises? A life for the abused to not be abused any more? Or is that a standard that seems to much to live up to as we feel so bombarded with pain? 


You can talk to councillors, read self help books, get your cards read, get past life info, and gain all of the knowledge and insight you can about yourself and why we fear, or deny or reject what we want most. But until your willing to actually do something about accepting love into your life, then none of that really does much for you. Aweaness is one thing, action is another.


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you grow into something you were not

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