It is not just Healing

It is Empowering!! 

Spiritual Reading ~ $90.00 for 30 min
    Intuitive  and prophetic readings to answer the questions in life on meaning, curiosity, memory regression, emotional trigger identification, or just to have fun and see what messages Creator has in store for you.
A typical session could include:
Energy Clearing
Intuitive Reading
Prophetic Word of Knowledge and direction
Energy clearings
Past life regression
Connecting with other loved ones
Helping you listen to and connect with your guides.
These sessions often also includes an understanding of the emotional & spiritual origin of physical pain.

"But as for you, be strong & do not give up, for your work will be rewarded!"

Spiritual Healing ~ Sessions over 2 hours to 3 hours $275.oo 

       This is referred to as a deep routed trigger healing in the Soul. This takes a lot of time as often we go threw a life time of events and heal them. It is the emotional, mental, physical, sensual, and spiritual triggers in our life from situations in our past childhood, past life karma, and cellular memory that creates a rift in our peaceful being today.

   This also includes, cellular and generational healing, inner child healing, and intuitive coaching, releasing past life karma.

   This is done threw a combination of mediums such as Theta, visualization, guided meditation, Reiki, as well as energy, vibration & rhythm clearing and recognition. The combination of modalities is able to release the negative influences that are trapped within the body, cellular memory and Soul.  These negative vibrations is what we know as a trigger being set. 

Do it for you, You are the one doing all the work


Spiritual Reading, Mini Healing, Medium ~ $200.00 for 1 hr plus

  An extended reading lets us explore a more in depth look at spiritual self and the path that you are one, and a look into what lies ahead to explore.

  A Medium reading never just includes hearing form loved ones that have pasted on, but healing the pain that is left behind and being able to feel them again in the wholeness of pure love.

Energy clearings are related to emotional energy as well as thought energy, we work to release them, and  will calm the triggers deep into your soul to reveal the truth of your past and how you react to with it today.  This is able to show you how the cellular memory is activated to set the trigger that you are dealing with now.  

There is often many modalities that will show in a 

Group Readings for private functions ~ $40.00 per person

      Group readings are located in your home or my office space. Each person attending will have an opportunity to just relax and find out what messages and direction Creator has in store. This entails a personal, but not in depth reading as a one on one session. To book as a group, in my office is limited to selected evenings.  A minimum of 6 people. 

Group readings also available in nearby cities. 

Healing Circle ~ $88 per person

This is to help you connect to your spirit, & Angels, as well learn to feel energies around you. Have the guidance to ask and answer your questions.

Expand your belief system with an understanding how things are connected to all.

I am often accompanied with an Indigenous Healer to these events.

Other Spiritual Services - Negotiable

This includes using spiritual discernment to cleanse and clear spaces.

Loya Sales helps the client experience a state of relaxation that is deeper than a cognitive and physical state and reaches the soul. 

Loya can give the client tools to help assist in the process of dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and understand what triggers are related to past life experiences and trauma.

Weekly Healing Info Night ~ $30.00 per person per session

Please contact for availability and schedule.

      Group sessions are located in my office, you will have an opportunity to learn about how the body, mind, soul and spirit are intervened in healing and directing you in your daily life. Learn the concepts of emotional, energy and spiritual work. You MUST register as space is limited for these evenings, the 6 week event will be cancelled if there is not a minimum of 5 attendees.  Every one is welcome, this is NOT a light workers meeting.

Some times you need to be broken enough to fix

What to expect with a trigger healing as we work within your emotions and within your being.

When we are inflicted by an event in life, our different states of being take the impact differently. The conscious mind will take it one way, the emotions another way, the senses will be engraved with a separate aspect of the scenario than the physical body, and our energy is also altered and mingled with the energy of the participants. All of these states of being need to on the same level in order to release the deep rooted trigger. 

The process is based on your energy so that it is not just me telling you the things we learn, but you get to feel and see it, and even read it for yourself as we tap into the core of who you are.

The most common releases during the session are heating up, tears, shivers, light headed, feelings of calm, peace, strong knowing, love. After the session it has often to been relayed that there is tingling sensations, seeing the world brighter, maintaining a calm disposition, strength in self, feeling & seeing peace, & stronger spiritual connections.

I do not tell you what decisions you should make, I will help guide you to see different perspectives associated to scenario's in your life. 

Anyone under the age of 18 must have proof of parental consent, or accompanied by a parent / caregiver before any sessions shall take place.
Appointments now available in Wainwright AB, Edmonton AB and area, Cold Lake AB, Bonnyville AB, and Spirit River AB and area as well as North Battleford, SK.
Group Readings can be located in my office or in your home. 
Soul Fire Designs offers paint nights offering a very unique and newly trending art form called Lichtenberg burning, more commonly known as Wood Fracking. Loya has the boards fracked and sanded ready to be painted. Mini 15 min reading sessions are available during the session for a small additional charge.  
Please contact for more information, or book please call or text 780-870-1776. 
Cash, Pay pal or E-transfer payments are accepted. NO Checks or credit payments. Prices may vary with little or no notice.

"Waiting for something to happen, does not give it the momentum it needs to be complete" loya sales


 Spiritual Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace medical, physical or psychological treatment. The spiritual healer (Loya Sales) cannot be held liable for any financial, medical, professional or personal decisions the client makes based on the spiritual readings and/or metaphysical treatments given at any point in time.
When requesting an appointment, it is agreeing to the above terms. 

*  DISCLAIMER - Reiki,Theta Healing, Bio Energy Healing, Energy Psychology and any and ALL other form of healing sessions are NOT a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.  It does not conflict with traditional medical treatments but helps to facilitate benefits.  These are complementary health therapies.  It is recommended that you stay under the care of your health care provider. 

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