The experience is indescribable, all I know is I feel lighter & brighter then when I walked in & the tears of feeling good, - feeling better, was overwhelming.  L.B

Everyone needs this kind of healing. It is hard to describe the experience and I just had it. She does not just read you, she takes you with it, like you are there. Her teachings are in depth and make sense. I had other readings for past life and medium before that left me with more questions, this left me fulfilled and happy.      L.M

She showed me an amazing deep spiritual connection that I had not experienced before. I believe I will be forever changed. She had directed me to go within to find the soul deep yearning fulfillment to connect with the pure love source. Absolutely amazing.     K.P

 I 1000% recommend her and her amazing skill set! She has helped me countless times in life!!  J.N

Great experience :)✝ great words of wisdom from Loya      M.T


What can I say this lady is amazing she has brought me through some of my darkest times. If you are in need of someone this is your lady. Amazing beyond words.       S.T

It`s hard to describe the experiences with her. The healing truly feel soul deep. She has helped me heal many triggers from the abuse I had a child. The feeling I am left with is pure holy.  K.S

For others it starts off as pain, but you get to change that. You get the opportunity to change lives. I know this from personal experience, you take away that pain that has overtaken for a long time to allow one to see otherwise.    J.N

Totally worth it. Absolutely amazing.  Had a couple of medium readings when my mom died. She did a great job.     D.G

A strong innate knowing. Very gifted lady.   C.T

Loya is a very deep thinker that can figure out every little detail to the problem, to show the truth behind the struggle. The answers make so much sense when the right questions are asked.  ~ Karen