Loya a single mom of three girls, whom she loves dearly, and have worked very hard to support and help them be the best that they can be. Loya realized many years ago, that is not possible, if she is not at her best. She decided it was time to implement some changes. Along the way to change, she was able to develop her natural gifts. While being gifted with all the "Claire" Senstiants, she has a very strong ability to get threw to the deepness of soul. 

Note from Loya :   Almost 20 years ago I decided I was going to change me, and figure out what made me tick. This was no small feat. Of course I knew myself as I was then, but I did not know why. This journey has taken me to accept ideals that I would never have considered. It has been long, it has been quite difficult at times, and today I can say, very rewarding. I have processed and healed the childhood abuse, relationship abuse, and physical ailments that left my Dr's confused. I was able to leave a bad relationship, quit smoking, lost weight, and healed deep cellular memories from my childhood trauma. I had gone from being on 3 different medications to none.  

I've learned so much about me, and how to listen to my intuition, so I can move forward in a greater understanding and peace in life. I'm just over joyed with the fact that I have learned to follow little synchronicities to make life easier.

In this journey, I have discovered a gift and passion. I love being able to assist in connecting one to their spirit side, assist in spiritual healing and help others see things in a new way. To help heal from the past hurts, to help identify blockages and triggers in their lives. I am creating this page to help reach a larger audience, as it is my goal to help push change. Change threw healing, change in attitude, change in outlook, change in the way we process our lives.